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PeniSizeXL – how to naturally enlarge your penis?

Thickness and length of the penis may vary, but a large proportion of men do not feel satisfied with the dimensions of their family jewels. In the erectile state, the penis has an average of 12 to 18 cm in length. Although doctors ensure that it’s not the size and finesse is the most important, most men are in this range zakompleksiona. Such problems can be compensated in a natural way, penis enlargement is possible and surgery is not a necessity. First of all, you have to be aware of the fact that its size changes under the influence of various factors. The penis gets smaller under the influence of cold, fear and fatigue, unfortunately, it also becomes smaller as the years go by.

Ways to enlarge
You can, for example, practice, for this purpose, go to a sexologist. Of course, the exercises are not able to change the size of the penis permanently, just like drugs or gels. Properly planned workouts done regularly bring even good results, but you can not overdo them.

Special vacuum pumps, which are produced from an acrylic cylinder and a pump, are also very popular. Its operation is based on the fact that a negative pressure is created around the member, thanks to which erection blood flows into it. The pump can be used not only for penis enlargement, but also as an alternative method for pharmacological preparations, this type of equipment is recommended for people after spinal injuries. The pump should be used no longer than 20 minutes, remember also not to pump it too much, because it can damage the blood vessels.

There are also special penis enlargement pills available on the market, of course not all will be effective, remember to check carefully the composition of selected drugs and not believe ads that promise spectacular effects that can be obtained, for example, during the week. Penis enlargement pills should have natural ingredients in their composition, it is best to choose from proven sources to avoid harm. Such preparations not only have the effect of increasing the volume of the penis, but also increase the sex drive, thanks to which intercourse is more satisfactory for both partners.

Penis enlargement surgery is indicated only in justified cases, because it is associated with high risk, in some cases permanent penile function damage may occur, which means that. a man may lose the ability to get an erection and an erection.
Natural methods of penis enlargement are safer, treatments involve high risks, which is why it is not worth deciding on them. One should bear in mind that the size of the penis is not the most important, and the complexes always have a psychological basis.